World’s Most Innovative Bluetooth Upgrade Adaptor for Mercedes UHI Vehicles

MB-4 is a new breed of Bluetooth Upgrade Adaptor designed for your Mercedes (UHI system). ViseeO engineering team has combined the classic features of MB-2 and some advanced functions of MB-3 to develop MB-4. MB-4 Bluetooth upgrade adaptor is aimed to bring you a brand new Bluetooth experience for your Mercedes at a very competitive price.
Classic features

Like its predecessor, the MB-2 Bluetooth upgrade adaptor, MB-4 is free installation device. Simply plug MB-4 into the UHI connector located under the front armrest and you are ready to make a call via Bluetooth. MB-4 will automatically upload phonebooks from your mobile phone into Mercedes Comand console. You can dial out or receive a call simply by pressing the buttons on the Comand console or the multi-function steering wheel.
Premium features
  • MB-4 uses the new CK5050+ Bluetooth module supplied fromParrot, a leading Bluetooth handsfree company based in France. This particular module will equip MB-4 with extremely fast phonebook sync performance1, excellent phone compatibility and brilliant sound quality.
  • MB-4 has also added a Bright OLED Screen like its premium brother MB-3 that not only allows us to design a simpler user interface for asmooth operation but also allows us to add more features to it.
  • Moreover, MB-4 comes with a 5V Charging Port2 that enables you to charge the battery of your phone or iPod or any other devices that can be charged via computer USB port.
  • With MB-4 you can now pair up to 4 phones and each holds up to 1000 address book entries and total up to 4000 entries.
  • SYNC Now Button is a short-cut command that allows you to syncphone’s contact at anytime with one press of a button.
  • Bluetooth PIN Selection let you select a default pass code for pairing with MB-4. This function is particularly useful for phones that run Android 2.3.1 such as Samsung Galaxy S2 which requires PIN to be set to 0000 in order to get connected with a Bluetooth device.
  • Keypad Control6 is another innovative feature that enables you to control some of MB-4 functions using the Mercedes console keypads instead of having to open the front armrest compartment and pressing the actual button on MB-4. The current available command that can be controlled from the console buttons is the Quick Switch for Paired Phone and the SYNC Now features.
  • Major Features:
    Free installation
    Parrot CK5050+ Bluetooth module
    Multiple pairing up to 4 phones
    Fast automatic phonebook sync1
    Hold up to 1000 phonebook entries for each phone or total of 4000 phonebook entries for 4 phones3
    Quick Switch for paired phones
    SYNC Now button
    Bluetooth PIN selection
    Identify which phone is in connection on Mercedes console screen4
    USB compatible charging port2
    Use Mercedes keypads to control your MB-46
    SIRI activation using Mercedes keypads
    Select phonebook types to auto sync