Mobridge M2 Connect


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The mObridge M2.Connect MOST allows for Handsfree Telephony and Audio Streaming via Bluetooth. Fully integrated Bluetooth interface that uses the vehicle’s existing displays and controls. Retains the vehicle’s original dashboard aesthetics. Support for up to 3 paired phones.

From R6900 installed

  • A Class
  • B Class
  • C Class
  • CL/CLK/CLS Class
  • E Class
  • G Class
  • GL Class
  • M/ML Class
  • R Class
  • S/SL/SLK Class

 ViseeO MB4


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MB-4 is a new breed of Bluetooth Upgrade Adaptor designed for your Mercedes (UHI system). MB-4 Bluetooth upgrade adaptor is aimed to bring you a brand new Bluetooth experience for your Mercedes at a very competitive price. Multiple pairing up to 4 phones. Use Mercedes keypads to control your MB-4.

Price: R5500

Mercedes Cars with UHI starting from 2003 (some models didn’t have the UHI until after 2004 / 2005). Must have connector inside the centre console of car.

Tune2Air 3000


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  • Plug and Play
  • Wireless connection with Apple device via special Bluetooth technology with automatic reconnection.
  • Read and display entire iPod library from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on car display.
  • Access and control the playlist via multi-functional steering wheel.

Price: R2950

Merc with Merc audio interface

Fiscon Bluetooth


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More than a normal bluetooth handsfree, FISCON handsfree kits are fully integrated into the vehicle infotainment system. This means familiar and simple operation with the existing buttons in the vehicle, comprehensive display of information on the navigation system or FIS screen and no unnecessary external components.

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  • A Class
  • B Class
  • C/CL/CLK/CLS Class
  • E Class
  • GL Class
  • ML Class
  • R Class
  • SL/SLK Class
  • Vito