Bluetooth car kits and infotainment installations

Adcotec is a supplier and installer of Parrot and Bury Bluetooth car kits, bluetooth car radios and infotainment systems. With 15 years experience, our aim is to provide excellent customer service, pricing and workmanship.

Our Bluetooth Car Kits integrates with your existing car audio system.

Some of brands include Parrot Bluetooth Car Kits, Bury Bluetooth Car Kits,  Alpine Car Radios, Pioneer Car Radios, Dynavin, ViseeO, mObridge, Fiscon and Caska.

All Bluetooth car kits and radios as well as workmanship carries a 12 month warranty.

We come to you! Fitment of car kits are done at your premises. Our times are from 08h00 to 17h00 Monday to Saturday, but special arrangements can be made. Pricing includes fitmen tand in some casesthe adapter harness. We do not cut any wires in the car, but instead add an adapter harness between your car radio and the Bluetooth Car Kit, which does not void the warranty of the car, and is also easy to remove in future if you decide to sell the car.
Fitment done on your premises (in Gauteng only)

Our Most Popular Bluetooth Car Kits:

Bury CC9048 Bluetooth Car Kit

Adcotec | Parrot Bluetooth Car Kits | Hands free Car Kits
  • Bluetooth car kit system (no screen).
  • Access to voice tags stored on mobile phone
  • Plays music via bluetooth (A2DP)
  • Pairs 2 phones at simultaneously
  • Made in Germany
  • More information:

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Price: R 3 350.00 including fitment (vehicle dependent).

Viseeo South Africa mObridge South Africa
Caska South Africa Fiscon South Africa Dynavin South Africa